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How to make your summer sandals (video)

I’ve been planning to make this project for a while now. To tell you the truth, I postponed it a long time. I think I was afraid I had idealized too much (I think I’ve said this before) , as if I made it, it might not be as good as I thought it would. Well, I was wrong.

I think my #memade summer sandals look fantastic and I also think they look super sexy ー when it comes to shoes, for me, the “sexy” adjective should always be applicable

This last statement about shoes’ sexiness brings me back to the beginning of this project because, making this sandals, did take me a bit of iteration before arriving to the final result. I’ll let some of my Instagram highlights speak for me first:

Since I had espadrilles soles, I did try to make the classic espadrilles, but gladly, I didn’t find a solution because to be honest, I’m not a fan.

Then I tried to make a sort of ballerinas, like those beautiful shoes Japanese ladies show of in their beautiful IG accounts…. well that went really wrong. My soles were a bit bigger than my feet and they didn’t stay in place.

So I finally decided to get real and put functionality into play. What better way to make something stay in place than to tie it or to use some kind of piece, like a button? ー I decided to go for the tie it option, clean and simple

Thenceforward, it all went swell so I’ll let my sewing video speak the rest for me:

I adapted the Prym espadrilles pattern for you work on. You can download the printable pattern here:

Did you make this sandals? Tag @ateliercirculaire on Instagram and hashtag it #ateliercirculaireproject so we can see all the beauty

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