Author: lizethvillalobos

The Tango Coat

I call this coat “The Tango Coat” because it is quite big and long and it feels somehow a bit dramatic. One of those garments that would work well for a portrait photographer, even on a stage. I don’t know, it is a very beautiful coat. This is an Yves Salomon coat, maybe from last year’s autumn/winter collection. If the fur bothers you, no worries! It is just good old fake fur that feels surprisingly pleasant to the touch. A few days ago, the owner of this charmer asked me to shorten the sleeves, the hem and taking in a bit on the sides. But today, I’m only going to talk you about shortening the sleeves. Before we begin, I just want to say that I love working pieces like these and I also love documenting the process …. that’s why we’re here right?. All that said, let me tell you, working on this piece was not easy at all. Even though I love working on beautiful garments like this one, I never get used …

Chiquito Bag

Ahh! the Chiquito Bag! The Chiquito Bag is my first published Pdf pattern, and I already owe it so much. I’ll just let my clients talk about it themselves: “Loved it! Fun sewing, cute pattern and great instructions. I had a question about the zipper insertion and they responded super quickly on instagram with how to do it. I added a lining so that the ironed on interfacing wouldn’t be visible and it was also very easy. Going to make another one for my mom and then ill insert the zip the right way!!“ Charlotte, Etsy client “Great pattern! very easy to follow, bag turned out very nice,I fully recommended 👍“ Sirikanda, Etsy client Or maybe some #chiquitohandbags favorites: Here’s a little gallery of some of the features of the Chiquito Bag: The Chiquito Bag is a versatile and functional piece that has a pocket on both fronts and a closure zip on the top. Two handles and a removable shoulder strap.Approx. Size8.5″W x 4.5″D x 7.5″H [22cm x 12cm x 19cm] The Chiquito Bag …

(sort of ) How to make a knitted/crocheted Tote Bag

So I finally finished this cutie. I say finally because this little nut was tough to crack. I actually didn’t do a tutorial for you because it was me who needed some help. I’m a self-taught seamstress, knitter and crocheter. Therefore, I’m always learning new stuff too. So when I need help, I look for it. Today, instead of giving you a step by step guide, I’m going to narrate the process of making this crocheted Tote Bag. I hope you like it as much as I do. Although, like I said, it wasn’t easy to assemble this knitted/crocheted tote bag, knitting the pieces that compose it was a little walk in the park (I really love knitting) ー Finishing details were the hard tasks. But hey, let’s do this!

How to make your summer sandals (video)

I’ve been planning to make this project for a while now. To tell you the truth, I postponed it a long time. I think I was afraid I had idealized too much (I think I’ve said this before) , as if I made it, it might not be as good as I thought it would. Well, I was wrong. I think my #memade summer sandals look fantastic and I also think they look super sexy ー when it comes to shoes, for me, the “sexy” adjective should always be applicable